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Finally! A Step-By-Step Course to Create a Wildly Successful Law Practice

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1. Why Start Your Own Law Firm?
Set your own hours, take the projects you’re passionate about, and guarantee your own income. Quit making someone else rich. Get your life back. Take control.
2. What's In the Course?
Are you fresh out of law school and looking for work? An associate or partner looking to go out on your own? This is your business blueprint… For full overview, watch our video tour.
3. How Do I Start?
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If You Want to Finally Get Paid What You Deserve and Work the Projects and Hours That YOU Choose, OR If You’re Frustrated Because You’re a Recent Law School Graduate and Can’t Find a Job That Pays You What You’re Worth THIS Is For You!

World-Renown Faculty

You will be trained by current practitioners who are a) netting healthy 6+ figures annually and b) vacationing at least 1 month per year. We’ve convinced them to ‘spill the beans’ on their absolute best strategies for building a lucrative law practice while and not sacrificing your freedom or your lifestyle. You’d otherwise have to pay tens of $1000’s of dollars to be coached by these legendary professionals.

Online Video Training Vault

Clear, concise video trainings that walk you, step-by-step, through the process of going from ‘absolutely nothing’ to efficiently managing a highly successful law firm. Includes accounting, secretarial, finding an office, website creation, and marketing strategies. Simply login to your account, choose your desired subject, and build your law practice!

Downloads, Transcripts, Hotsheets!

Our lessons have downloadable videos, audios, transcripts, and ‘hotsheets’ giving you summaries of the important points. You’re getting everything handed to you in a silver platter… Even better, you’ll get all of the most commonly used forms and templates that you need to operate. You will retain lifetime access to these trainings so you can refer to the entire course as you grow your business.

Personalized Coaching

You’ll be coached by someone who has built his law firm fortune and wants to give back by helping you build a successful practice of your own. The legal world is changing dramatically, and gone are the ‘golden days’ of big-firms courting new promising graduates. We are the solution for this. Members get get a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation and the option to attend live seminars.

Learn From Anywhere On Earth

We are not teaching the law, which is specific to your state or country. For that, you went to law school. But what they didn’t teach you in law school, you’ll discover here! If you have no degree, we don’t want you; we are teaching the marketing strategies and business tactics to qualified lawyers who want more legal work than they can handle. If that’s you, you are welcome here.

World-Class Support

Everything we offer is brain-dead simple. However, if you’re not too tech-savvy or if you need help with your account, we’re on-call, ready to help.

Massive Subject Library

We constantly create videos on subjects that our members request… from the most lucrative legal niches… to finding office space… to proven steps for landing your first client. You’re going to find dozens of hours of utterly helpful trainings.

Choose Your Own Lesson Times

Because these are online lessons, you can login whenever you want and learn at your own pace. If you need to repeat a lesson, slow down, or speed through a subject you’ve already mastered, you can!

YOU Can Start a Highly Successful Law Practice.

You are going to get three FALSE objections from people about why THEY think you can’t start your own legal firm. Here they are:

  • False Objection #1: You don’t have enough experience working for a big law firm!

This is total B.S. Here’s the truth: law school teaches you how to a) think b) problem solve and c) a bit of relevant law. Now read this next line closely:

**The business skills you need to run a wildly successful firm are not things that you learn going work at ANY firm. Period. I don’t care if you work at one for 100 years (in fact, they will most likely hide the business skills from you so that you will slave for them for your entire life.). You will learn the business skills, tools, and strategies from someone who has walked the talk and actually ran the BUSINESS side of things, not the legal side of things. Law is the craft but the business makes the cash.**

If you’ve got a law degree and have have passed the bar, then you have proven that you have the skills and qualifications needed to follow the system I’ve laid out that WILL get you paying clients. End of story, naysayers be damned.

  • False Objection #2: You don’t have the business skills to start a practice. After all, where will you get clients?

This is only partial B.S. They are probably right, that you don’t have the business skills. But here’s the thing: you don’t need them. I’m giving you a system, a proven, fill-in-the-blanks template for getting your private practice up, running, and profitable within 30-90 days, depending on how fast you implement what I’m teaching you. Between myself and the faculty of teachers I’ve assembled to take you step-by-step through the system, you’d have to be either defiant of my instruction or brain-dead to not succeed with this setup. Consider this like a franchise. I’ve developed the system. Now you just have to insert your legal expertise into the business model I’m providing to you.

  • False Objection #3: The economy is horrible! Get a job and stay stable!

Is the sky falling down? No, it’s not. So calm down there, chicken little. Let’s look at reality instead of reacting in fear: First, in today’s economy, even highly qualified ivy-league graduates are struggling to get work. On average, they are paid a lower salary than law graduates were paid in the 1980’s. Hate to admit it, but you would be better off to be a store manager at a Kohls, and you’d work better hours anyway. Plus, law firms across the country are laying off more lawyers than they are hiring. So, be my guest… Get a traditional job as an associate, work your butt off, and struggle to hold onto that job every day as you make some fat cat in a cheap (or expensive!) suit become rich. No thanks!

OR, you could build your own law practice. It’s really not as hard as you think. Now, you set your own hours, follow my system to maximize your billable hours, and you get to pick-and-choose among the projects you’re passionate about working on. Plus, you can never be fired because you are the boss. You’ve got quality, affordable assistance for the tasks you don’t enjoy (you shouldn’t be doing those things anyway), and you vacation at least 1 month per year while making way more than you would have ever made in your crappy job with the big boys. If anything ever goes wrong, you get on the phone with me and I coach you to your solution. Now you can scale your business up or down depending on YOUR goals. Your life is not at the mercy of Mr. Fat Cat in his Brooks Brothers suit.

Don’t Even THINK About Starting a Legal Business Without This Information! You’ll Waste Your Time Setting Up Shop & Have Fewer Daily Billable Hours.

Let me let you in on a little secret (and this is downright offensive to many in our industry for reasons I’ll never understand). Here it is:

The ONLY thing that makes you money in this profession is the value you bring to the market.

That’s IT. Not your time building your web page. Not your time in staff meetings. Not your time making business cards, networking, or trying to figure out your referrals system. Not even your time spent marketing makes you money. Those things are all peripheral.

Some professionals in our venerable profession actually pride themselves on working 60-80+ hours a week! But, if you drill down and look at what those hours are actually spent on, you’ll typically find that they truly have 20ish billable, paid hours a week. The rest can’t be billed, and even if you could, it couldn’t be collected!

When I first struck out on my own, I found myself as a single dad, working extremely demanding hours, only to realize that I was spending far too little time with my kids and loved ones. So, one day I asked myself a question that has had a profound effect on my life and my business.

What can I do to bring more value to the hours I work and decrease the hours I spend working on other tasks?

As I started chipping away at my tasks that weren’t making me any money, I began taking notes on what I was doing. It was a process that took me years to finally work out, but I’ve now got it down to a science. Essentially, I created an entire system, tracking what works and doesn’t work, across the boards in the legal industry.

One day, I looked at this pile of notes and documents on my computer, and I realized, “without doubt, there have GOT to be other lawyers out there who would love to follow this system.” And that’s what leads to you, today. I want to share my system with you.

Meet Your World-Class Faculty
Who Will Guide You Every Step of Your Journey


IMPORTANT: If I told you there was a step-by-step process – that’s already been created AND proven to work – for anyone with a law degree – why on earth, would you want to re-invent the wheel and ‘figure it out’ on your own?

Your craft is practicing law. That’s it! That’s HOW you bring value to the marketplace. It’s not trying to figure out software, it’s not managing your secretary, and it’s not playing trial-and-error with your marketing system.

Lucky you, this team (each of whom owns a successful law firm of their own) has laid out everything you’ll need to open your own practice and become a success at practicing your craft. How? They’re flat-out giving you their secrets, processes, and systems that they’ve spent YEARS of time and frustration to learn and create. All you have to do take their systems, apply it in your specific situation, and you’ll have your own successful firm as well.

Why wouldn’t you take action right now and get started?

What, Specifically, Does Your Course Teach Me to Do?

Here are a few highlights of what you’ll get in the 6 main course modules:

Module 1: Foundational Groundwork for Starting Your Firm:

  • Video 2: Overview of how much money you can make in your own law practice.
  • Video 3: Why this is the best time, in the history of America, to start your own law practice.
  • Video 6: What successful private practitioners know that the failures do not (this could be what makes or breaks you.

Module 2: Proven Steps For Starting Your Practice:

  • Video 2: Coverage of the most lucrative niche industries you can make an absolute killing in. You would never otherwise think of these and so few lawyers serve these rabid markets!
  • Video 3: The pros and cons of partnering vs. practicing solo. This will save you potential years, even decades of frustration.
  • Video 7: Securing the right domain name (website) and the design elements of an effective legal website.

Module 3: Effective & Efficient Office Setup

  • Video 1: The furniture & equipment you’ll need to maximize your efficiency.
  • Video 3: The best places to get clients who are hungry for your services and ready to pay. If you’re just out of law school or if you’ve left a firm, we’ve got a marketing plan for you.
  • Video 4: Guerilla Advertising and Marketing. We will show you a ridiculously effective sniper-approach for quickly getting more business and clients than you could handle.
  • Video 5: Determining the correct fees and rates for your services.

Module 4: Operating Your Business:

  • Videos 1-4: The “Hampton System.” A smooth, effortless process for handling phone calls, emails, calendaring, documenting, filing, billing, and scheduling. This alone is worth the entire course investment.
  • Video 7: Creating a network of professionals to handle the work you shouldn’t be doing. With outsourcing and more qualified people looking for work than ever before, the burden of handling every aspect of the business is off of you.
  • Video 8: How to collect fees from clients quickly, in full, and every single time. Even if this saves you one single client’s payment, this is worth more than your investment in this course.

Module 5: Work-Life Balance

  • Video 1: Managing relationships, physical health, and money. This business is about having an amazing life, not about spending your life in the business. I’ll show you how you can make more than enough at work while managing the things that are really important to you. Don’t live in regret 20 years from now, having focused on the wrong things!
  • Video 5: Maintaining important relationships. It’s a sad sight to see a lawyer in a divorce, or so lonely that she has no friends or family. This information is vitally important!
  • Video 6: Time management for lawyers. How to maximize your productivity and take control of your time. Ignore this and other people will control you!

Module 6: The Do’s and Don’ts of Practicing Law

  • Video 1: Advice for hiring the right people and knowing when to fire the wrong people.
  • Video 3: The smart things that successful, balanced lawyers do that the majority of professionals do not do. Ignoring these makes life infinitely more painful!
  • Video 4: Managing change and keeping up with the industry. The last thing you want is to have 5 years of great business go by and find yourself outdated and out of clients! This will keep you humming along smoothly for as long as you want to work.

And that’s just the start of it… I haven’t even touched on the live seminar recordings that you’ll get or the interviews with industry experts!

Rather than go into those, I’d prefer you just get started. At this point, you know whether this is right for you or not. I’m offering you a free starter account with a getting-started process map plus 4 videos. Honestly, if that’s not a sweet enough deal for you, this simply might now be right for you.

For those of you who are on the fence, however, you should know that you get coaching as a part of this whole thing. You get a 30 minute phone consultation with me, once you are a premium member. There will be nobody who is more committed to your success than me. I might even be MORE committed to your success than you are! However, you’ve got to take the first step. Even if you’ve got a job right now and are just tinkering with the idea, and even if you’re just out of law school and taking this leap sounds like the ballsiest move you’ve ever heard of, I promise you it will be worth it if you follow the steps I’ve laid out for you.

To Your Success,

Walt Hampton, Esq.

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Our 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If at any point in the first 60 days of being a premium member, you can honestly say to me that what I’ve provided for you is not working, I will fully refund every dime you invested in the course. I am here to make you successful. If it doesn’t work for you and I can’t coach you towards a solution that works for you, then I don’t deserve your money. Simple as that.